Pet Panomrungเพชร พนมรุ้ง,King of the Cowboy Song of Thailandราชาเพลงโห่คาวบอยของเมืองไทย, passed away 12 June 2018.

Now, There are a lot of country singers in Thailand mourn him.


A lot of country fan and singers in Thailand prayed for his recovery and performed a concert for his hospital expenses, although he passed away on June 12 at 4:15 pm. I could hear the news through my Thai friends.



Perhaps he is not familiar with yodelers around the world.  But he is probably the first yodeler in Thailand. In fact, I have been to Thailand to see him in May of this year. But I could not meet him because suddenly he was sick.

I do not know him well.  So I do not know if I can tell his death to yodelers around the world.  Anyway I have at least some obligation to inform yodelers around me that this great yodeler was in Thailand. He has left, but his yodel will be eternal.


ธรรมชาติบ้านนาThammachart Baanna( Nature of rice farming villages or Thai country vilages) written by  Hong Thong and Chanchai Bao bung Sorn


“ลูกทุ่งเสียงทองLook Tung Saeng Thong(Golden sound country guy)

Muea Chan  Kad Thur(When I miss her)
wrote by Chaichana Boonnachote

Ya Kou  Jone (Don’t affraid to be poor)- wrote by Payong Mukda, Klai  Kum (Near evening) written by Chumpol  Srinoul


อินเดียนจ๋าIndian Ja (Indian please) written by Wallop Chuenjaichon

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