World Yodel Day is going to ship 2018s Yodel Stamp.

‘World Yodel Day’ has been producing Yodel Stamps since 2013 and sending them to yodelers around the world.

the First Yodel Stamp designed by Min-sung Park, Korean yodeler on 2013s

The Yodel Stamp has so far been designed by five different yodelers in each of the five countries and sent their yodel story to Yodelers around the world.

And yodelers around the world who have received letters, sharing their authentic shots through World Yodel Day Facebook Page. All we have been doing these events for five years.  I think this is a bit strange and foolish, but all the yodelers around the world were able to rejoice together once a year through the Yodel Stamp.

Some Yodelers also sent a video of joy.

In fact, I had been trying to stop this Yodel Stamp event from this year. This is because World Yodel Day, which had been in progress since 2015, could not find a suitable sponsor and could not do it in 2018. Despite the difficulties, however, World Yodel Day will be  held this year. And the method seems to be more online oriented.

And this year the Yodel Stamp will be made and the Yodel Letter will be shipped to yodelers all over the world. This year you will be able to meet the mysterious Yodeling story of Lu Tong, Chinese yodeler.

If you would like to receive Yodel Letter 2018 with Yodel Stamp, please send your address as before : or Peter Lim’s Facebook messengers.

receiving the letter, you just need to upload your authentic shots of pleasure to World Yodel Day Page as before. This is all your duty. This year, especially on August 8 World Yodel Day, I hope to share the joy of everyone’s happy yodeling shots@

When one small act collects, we all get to enjoy,  And we all live elsewhere, but we can all feel that all of us are the same yodel-lovers.

If you’re ready to go, enjoy the 2018s Yodel Stamp together !!!

p.s 1 :

This is 2017s Yodel Letter of Canadian yodeler Kim Beggs who designed the Yodel Stamp.

p.s 2 :   Yodel Letter is free of charge, but if you make a small donation for this event, I will be receive it happily. If you want it, send messenger or mail to

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