Noel Felix, the unique Malacca- Portuguese yodeler in the world

The next article by Daisy Montana, Yodel blogger of the United States, led me go on to  this Malaysian yodeling-trip.

Do they yodel in Malaysia ?: Noel Felix

Noel Felix was a very old yodeler, so in fact I was unclear whether he was alive, but I accidentally got in touch with his son’s friend and found out that he was still alive.

I worried about he not being able to speak English, but his English was too fluent and he looked seem very healthy.  I asked about his age first,  87 years old! , Perhaps he is the oldest yodeler in the world!!

How did you start yodel?

I have been singing since I was a kid (maybe 13s years old )and I have practiced alone. It takes a year to make a yodeling. 

How did you know yodel?

I liked American country music and western movies very much. So I followed and mimicked  it. Even now, I can be done most of the country-famous songs.

Is there a yodeler in Malaysia except you?

I had the opportunity to perform in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as in Germany and Portugal, but I could not find yodeler in Malaysia except mine.

And I was able to listen to yodeling live of  Noel Felix.


O’ Amor

made & sung  by Noel Felix

Oh Amor Yeo Nunker Manda Ku Bos Bai
Tudo Janti Puntia Penskei Yonker Bong.
[Oh my lover, I don’t want you to go
Everybody say I’m not good.]

O’ Maor Meny Korasung Keng Sa Konelt Sang Ja Da
Oh Amor Yo Komanda Ku Bos Bai.
[Oh my lover, you are my heart and
all my love I don’t ask to you to go.]

The lyrics and overall feelings seem to be close to the typical American C & W sentiment.

More interestingly, the song is based on the true story of his youth.  Actually, there was a girl who was very loving in his youth and one day she left for a very handsome man. Like the lyrics, everyone around him said that he had gone wrong

I asked him  again.

Do you now know what you did wrong to her then?

I do not know what I did wrong at the time….I still do not know at all  😦

Noel Felix’s own record – Strictly speaking, Noel Felix is a folk singer of the Serani, Malacca- Portuguese community using Portuguese-Creole.
O AMOR – the 10th song.


The lyrics of ‘O Amor’ are made in Portuguese. I do not know Portuguese, but when I look at the lyrics of this song, it seems that the overall structures of the word is similar to that of Malay language , which seems to be a unique Portuguese dialect of Malacca called Portuguese-Creole rather than standard Portuguese.

I asked about the Portuguese community in Malacca. The people who came from Malacca in Portugal have been maintaining their community for more than 500 years. Why did not they mix with other people …??? I asked.

The answer is:

My religion is Catholic, but I respect Muslims and Hindus and believe not only Jesus but also Mohammed. I respect all. However, marriage to other people as well as religious reasons has many cultural and linguistic barriers. Specially the emotional barrier are the most difficult to overcome.

Photos taken with family of Noel Felix

Noel Felix said that the convergence with other people were a very difficult problem, but I thought  the time would be solved the problem of that the continuing convergence between the Portuguese descendants in Malacca and other peoples.

Their language life is already mixed freely in Portuguese-Creole, English, Malay and even Chinese.

Autograph of Noel Felix’s with the lyrics of “O AMOR” – I will keep this as a treasure 🙂

In such a situation, the song “O-AMOR” of Portuguese-Creole, by Noel Felix, can be said to be a tremendously anthropological value to be kept and preserved.

I did not find proper Portuguese yodel or yodeler yet,
but even Portuguese – Creole yodelings!!!!

In other words, this Portuguese-Creole yodeling is a strong proof that yodel has already been propagated and globalized from a long time ago.

Always be healthy …

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