This is the World Yodel Day announcement to be held online on August 8, 2019.

1. This event will be held online for Yodelers around the world. Many yodelers will participate in their own various method.

2. Participation is very simple. On the 8th of August, you can make and share your celebration messages, photos, and videos at the World Yodel Day bulletin board. If you need more details or subtitles, please send your content to on July 15th. And then I will arrange and share on August 8th. Many yodelers are already showing their willingness to participate. If more people participate, the event will be more fun.

3. If you do not understand what this is all about or what it means, just click on the link to the World Yodel Day Facebook link and click on ‘Interested’ or ‘Join’.

On the 8th of August, you will be able to admire the amazing scenes of the Yodelers around the world. And with all that little effort, it becomes a lot of power to the World Yodel Day. And next year, more people will be together.

4. I think someone who think “Can I participate it although I am not good English user?” I think, English skills is not important to communicate with yodel together. Yodel itself is real global languages, and I believe that you will be able to enjoy the splendid appearance of the 8th of August through just Yodel not English. Please feel the joy of Yodel, the real global language.

5. There seems to be someone who think, ” Why do you do that meaningless job?” Yes, this whole event is never logical or rational. I also think it is just emotional, improvisational and meaningless, but this will be really funny… and I believe such an online event can influenced something specials for all yodelers. I believe it will be possible to make an strange but great event if many yodel-lovers doing it all together.

6. I believe this event will be done with the Hard work and dedication of everyone who Yodel-lovers and the result will give a meaningful amazing day to every Yodel-lovers. Please join us this event.

2019 World Yodel Day

This is the notice of the 2019 World Yodel Day event.
The event will be held worldwide on August 8th.
On August 8, 2019, all yodelers can celebrate World Yodel Day and share all their celebration messages, photos and images as follows link

The main character of this event is you. All of you can be the best actors and audience at the same time. All these activities will be another proof that Yodel is alive all over the world. We look forward to your participation!

This year, I would like you to be especially interested in Yodelers in Southeast Asia.

On August 8 World Yodel Day here,
Show us how many people around the world are enjoying yodeling so we wish that more Southeast Asian people can love yodel as we do.

Yodel Dayヨーデル デー

▶ Yodel Day

Korean producer and singer ‘Excellent Soo’ was created on August 8, 2015. It is made up of very easy and simple joyful refrain which is made by paying attention not only to the ready-made yodelers but also to the non-yodeler that can easily singing. As of 2019, ‘Yodel Day’ have been singing not just Korean, but English, Mandarin-Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Dutch, Cantonese, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Japanese.

▶ Keiko Ito, Japanese Alpine yodeler

Keiko Ito is not only Japan but also leading Asian alpine yodeler. In fact, the song “Yodel Day” is a song made with the non-yodelers point, rather it is made up of the intricate yodeling refrain for Yodelers to expand their skills and is a tougher song for a more authentic Alpine singer. Nevertheless, she pleasantly sang in favor of the purpose of the World Yodel Day. Here is what she said after singing this song. ”This is not the alpine yodel style, so I just sang it according to the purpose of Yodel Day. There is a mistake and there is no perfect performance, but please understand it widely!”

▶ 요들의 날

한국의 프로듀서겸 가수인 ‘빼어날 수’가 2015년 8월 8일에 만든 요들입니다. 기성 요들러 뿐 아니라 일반인들이 쉽게 부를 수 있는 점에 보다 주목하여 만든 노래로 요들을 처음 접하는 사람도 쉽게 부를 수 있는 쉽고 간단한 요들 후렴으로 이루어져 있습니다. 2019년 현재 ‘요들의 날’은 한국어 뿐 아니라 영어,표준중국어,프랑스어, 베트남어, 네덜란드어, 광동어, 포르투갈어, 우크라이나어, 일본어등 총 10개 언어로 노래되고 있습니다.

▶일본의 알파인 요들 가수 이토 케이코

이토 케이코씨는 일본 뿐 아니라 아시아를 대표하는 알파인 요들러입니다. 사실 ‘요들의 날’이라는 노래는 일반인에 방점을 찍고 만든 노래라 오히려 요들러들이 기량을 펼치기엔 난해한 요들 후렴으로 이루어져 있고 보다 정통을 추구하는 알파인 가수에게는 더욱 힘든 노래입니다. 그런 점에도 불구하고 이토씨는 요들의 날의 취지에 찬동하여 즐겁게 노래해 주셨습니다. 다음은 이토씨가 이 노래를 부른 뒤 직접 한 말입니다. ”alpine yodel 스타일이 아닌 노래라서 이것은 어디 까지나 요들 데이의 취지에 맟춰 노래해 보았습니다. 실수 한 부분도 있고 완벽한 연주는 아니지만, 예쁘게 봐주시기 바랍니다.”

▶ ヨーデル デー

韓国のプロデューサー兼歌手である「Excellent Soo」が2015年8月8日に作成されたヨーデルです。既成ヨーデル歌手だけでなく、一般の人が簡単に曲することができる簡単なヨーデルで作った歌で、非常に簡単な簡易性なヨーデルリフレインで構成されています。 2019年 現在、「ヨーデルデー」 は 韓国語だけでなく、英語、標準中国語、フランス語、ベトナム語、オランダ語、広東語、ポルトガル語、ウクライナ語、日本語など 計10 の 言語に 歌われています。

▶ 日本のアルパインヨーデル歌手伊藤啓子

伊藤啓子さんは、日本だけでなくアジアを代表するアルパインヨーデル歌手です。事実 ‘ヨーデルデー」という歌は、一般に傍点を撮って作った歌と、むしろヨーデル歌手が技量を開くには難解なヨーデルリフレインで構成されており、より本格的なを追求するアルパインヨーデル歌手には、さらに難しい曲です。それにもかかわらず、伊藤氏は、ヨーデルデーの趣旨に賛同して楽しく歌っていただきました。 次は 伊藤さんが この 歌を 歌った 後、直接な 言葉です。 ”alpine yodelのスタイルではない歌なので、これはあくまで、ヨーデルデイ として歌いました。ミスした部分もあり、完璧な演奏ではありませんが、ご了承ください!”

2019 Yodel-Letter has been sent

Today is April Fool’s Day.

And today, Yodel-Letter sent by World Yodel Day to yodelers around the world.

In the age where we can communicate with the world in real time through email and messenger, sending this traditional Yodel-Letter is a foolish thing as like April Fool’s Day. Anyway The World Yodel Day continues to send this stupid Yodel-Letter on April Fool’s Day annually.

This Yodel-Letter shipping event, which was free for 6 years, has been switched to paid for this year. Nonetheless, not only did most yodelers around the world agree with Yodel-Letter’s intentions, but some of them even remitted more than the specified amount as of encouragement. We are just thankful.

Now, Yodel-Letter is shipped from Korea. Unfortunately, this year’s Yodel-Letter shipments are now over because the Yodel- Stamp has been exhausted.

Now it is time to yours, yodeler of the world!

Asia & Oceania which are close to Korea, will arrive a little faster, and Europe, North America, and South America and Africa will take a little longer.

Receiving the Yodel-Letter, please upload your pic with Yodel-Letter along with your message on the World Yodel Day Facebook page.

We look forward to the reactions of many of yours. If that happens, the small but important music of all of us will be widely known to more people. Thank you. Yodel On!

2019s Yodel stamps were released

’19s Yodel Stamp was released.

Yodel Stamps were launched in 2013 and every year the stories of yodelers of diverse nationalities were sent to yodelers around the world.

The Yodel Stamps have been a powerful testimony to the fact that this small music we all love is being widely sang in a much larger number of countries than we thought.

Yodel stamps began in Korea (2013).

Since then, a lot of yodelers of various countries have been sent out their own designed stamps & their various stories to the world. So far, the stories of Yodelers from USA(2014), Germany(2015), Holland(2016), Canada(2017) and China(2018) have been sent it around the world through Yodel stamps.

The model of the Yodel stamp of the year is Bjørn Tomren, Norwegian yodeler.

He participated in the 3rd World Yodel Day Festival in Korea(2017) and sang the experimental yodel “Hilmar i Tutheia”, which mixed the yodel and Mongolian Khoomei , and the yodel “The River” for the unification of the Korean peninsula.

Himar i Tutheia
The River

Although somewhat unfamiliar to yodelers around the world, Norway is a country with a long tradition of yodeling, and Bjørn Tomren is not only the traditonal yodeler but also the modern artist who mixes the Monglian/Tuvan traditional music Khoomei with yodel.

If you interest his yodeling story, please apply for a letter. Yodel letter has been free of charge, but starting this year will be a minimum postage fee. If you are interested, please contact the address below.

Thank you

History of Korean Yodel 16.Korea’s Yodeling since 2000

Since the 2000s, Internet was the greatest contribution to the development of the Korean Yodel Clubs. The Yodel clubs had been stagnant, were able to revitalize through the construction of the internet homepage. There were also a new Yodel club founded. And many Yodel clubs that have been born from the 70s to the 80s have been became more than 30 years old adults.

▶ The emergence of a new Yodel club

Kwang Myung Enzian Yodel Club logo adopted online through heidiland contest

On May 11, 2003, the ‘광명 요들 동호회Gwangmyeng Yodel Club’ was established.

This club was founded by the online members of Gwangmyeong who being activities in heidiland. Therefore, a series of things that happened during the formation of this club was shared with yodelers in Korea, and after that, the name “광명 엔시안 요들클럽Kwangmyeong Enzian Yodel Club” was declared nationwide through their voluntary voting. It was the first case in Korea where the whole process of club foundation was made by online.

In 2008, the “분당 요들클럽Bundang Yodel Club” was established. This club was founded by 김원섭Kim Won-sup with the 요들 품앗이학교Yodel Poomat-ee School of the Seongnam Cultural Foundation and Bundang club was also established through the online homepage similar to the Kwangmyung case introduced above. Online has now become an inevitable methods for all Yodel clubs to take advantage of it.

In the Chungcheong region, including Daejeon, despite many efforts to do so, there were the Yodel Club still does not exist.

In addition, there were notable Yodel groups such as ‘Vancouver Alpinrose Yodel Club’ made by the Korean immigrants who came to Canada and ‘Yodel-i’ made by kindergarten and elementary school teachers, but all the activities are temporarily suspended.

Yodel-i at Night-party of the Koren Yodel Camp(2002)

Since the 2000s, numerous Yodel Clubs have repeatedly been created and destroyed. Creating Yodel Club by online have been so simple that anyone can do it, but it was not easy to maintain.

The logo of the Mungkung Basel Yodel Club, created in Mungyeong area of Gyeongbuk and then disappearing since mid-2000

▶ Development of existing Yodel clubs

Existing Yodel clubs have remained, although they were partially in crisis. In the meantime, the color of the various individual yodeling club has been maintained & developed.

Edelweiss, a Swiss-oriented yodel choir, performed an annual concert at Seocho-gu Civil Hall in a cost-effective and efficient way. Their goal always have been to build and develop the folklore of the tradition of the Switzerland ‘Jodellied’

Alpinrose, the only university yodel club in Seoul, has strengthened the character of the youth and has held concerts centered on university student every year to keep their dreams and romance. In 2002, the Alpinrose OB(Old Boy) was officially launched and various activities were carried out for the maintenance and development of their yodel clubs. the Alpinrose have been constantly singing for fresh yodel with a the joy of the folk and pop in the constantly young student atmosphere.

Existing Yodel clubs were constantly evolving in various activities. The Basel Yodel Club, which has always pioneered the new Yodel culture, pioneers a new musical genre called the Yodeletta.(= Yodel + Musical)

the 1st Yodeletta, “Red Hat” by Basel yodel club(2004)
Author photographer modeled on Basel Yodel Club members

Existing Yodel clubs have been still showing a variety of yodel all over the place.

Daegu Alpinrose Yodel Club performing at Blue Broadcasting Festival Concert(2006)
Busan Alpinrse Yodel Club performing at the Junggoo Hanmadang event in Busan

▶Many of Yodel clubs grew into the adult

Edelweiss, Korea ‘s first yodel club, celebrated its 40th anniversary in April 2009.

The Swiss embassy official Viotti, participated in the 40th anniversary of Edelweiss, said: “I am very happy tonight. It is a very happy day for me to hear such yodels in Switzerland that I have truly heard in Korea.”

And already many yodel clubs are becoming adults over thirty.

The 30th anniversary ceremony of the Busan Alpinrose yodel club with the founding members (2003)
30th Anniversary Brochure of the Busan Alpinrose yodel club (2003)
Commemorative yodel book commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Basel Yodel Club(2005)
The history of Basel(2005), commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Basel Yodel Club
The 30-year anniversary of the self-produced newspaper of Gwangju Enzian yodel club(2007)

Many Yodel clubs have grown to over thirty years. Some clubs have been steadily growing and some have been maintained, clubs have become less popular, but there has been a cracked movement to make new clubs within the inner-club. The group’s aspirations to pursue more different yodel music in accordance with their musical tendencies have produced this kind of movement. From the traditional point of view, it seems that the so-called “thirty-strokes” have started with the Korean yodel clubs.

▶ The new Yodel Clubs that was created by an existing Yodel Clubs

In February 2006, some members of the existing Incheon Enzian Yodel Club created another Yodel Club named 인천 미추홀 요들클럽Incheon Michuhol Yodel Club. The club has been working on the theme of ‘The harmony of musical instruments and singing’ against response to the somewhat classical and Swiss tradition of the originals. Their concerts include pop music and other musical instruments.

The establishment yodel concerts of the Incheon Michuhol Yodel Club(2007)

In 2007, the new Yodel Club named 광주 오버란트 요델클럽Gwangju Overland Yodel Club was made by some members of the existing Gwangju Enzian Yodel Club.

The members of the Gwangju Oberland yodel club

Founded on the motto of studying the music of the third world as well as the existing yodels, the Gwangju Overland Yodel Club focuses on the bluegrass music. The Bluegrass camp have been held every year and also continued to interact with the Japanese Alphorn club.

The 1st Yodel & Bluegrass Camp hosted by the Gwangju Overland Yodel Club(2008)

Since then, there have been additional clubs such as 광주 에델바이스 요델클럽Gwangju Edelweiss Yodel Club , and 광주 알핀로제 요들클럽Gwangju Alpinrose Yodel Club(established in 2010) from Gwangju Overland Yodel Club.

Gwangju Alpinrose Yodel Club

At the Basel Yodel Club in Seoul, the OB (Old Boy) Club was actively organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary (2005). They focused more on studying Alpine style yodels including Switzerland through two short self-concerts and trips to Switzerland.

In 2009, they will create a separate yodel club named the “한국 알펜 요델 카메라덴Korea Alpen Jodel Kameraden”. The group is now developing into the most professional and vigorous yodeling group in the study and dissemination of Alpine style yodels in Korea.

Swiss performance of the Korean Alpen Jodel Kameraden
The members of the Korean Alpen Jodel Kameraden who took up the front page of the Swiss newspaper
“Yodel Festival Tirol” (2010), 2nd concerts of the Korean Alpen Jodel Kameraden, focused on Austrian Yodeling

▶ present conditions of the Korean Yodels since 2000

Since 2000, there have been many complicated developments in Korea, such as the creation of the new yodel clubs in various regions, the development of existing yodel clubs, and the birth of the new yodel club from the existing yodel clubs.

This western content, which have been introduced in Korea at the end of the 1960s, shows its existence as a lifelong music in Korea. In addition, the era of environmental pollution caused by global urbanization, yodel being reevaluated with eco-friendly well-being music, and it seems that more and more Korean are falling into the charm of this yodel music.

This kind of atmosphere will create more yodeling groups in the future in Korea. Maybe, at the moment this article being written, a new yodel club was being created somewhere in Korea.

Therefore, this unique situation in Korea, which has the largest number of yodeling clubs in the world except Switzerland, will be sure to continue.

An Epilogue

In this article, the Korean yodel stories ends in 2011. However, even after 2011, there have been many incidents in the Korean Yodel, and the stories are still hot.

Since 2011, rather, there looked seem more incidents happening in Korea compared to the past. I do not know if I will have a chance to write about after 2011, but the future Korean yodels will be so complicated that I feel overwhelming to write.

If you interested in Korea Yodel stories, please visit Korea.

Korean yodel communities are so dynamic and attractive compared to any other country in the world. I am sure that the dynamic appearance of it will be very interesting for anyone who loves yodel.

And if a person who yodel-lover will visit Korea’s Yodel Club, they will all be enthusiastic welcoming by Korean yodelers!

History of Korean Yodel 15.The birth and development of Kids yodel choirs in Korea

Korea has been rapidly becoming a nuclear family since the eighties and nineties. A lot of parents wanted to raise their childrens well. After school, Korean kids had to do various extracurricular activities such as Taekwondo, calligraphy, art and piano academy. Some parents have founded that if their children could do yodeling, even a normal children could instantly attract everyone’s attention and eventually their life will be more positive. Moreover, this unique skills of being able to how to yodel have proved that they have such abilities. And a lot of other benefits have been proven, including understanding other cultures, loving nature, and so on. These good practices, the dedication of the Korean Yodel lecturers, and the aspirations of the parents have combined to create a sudden birth of the children Yodel clubs in Korea.

The first children’s choir yodeling in Korea have been considered the Little Angels choir. 유병무Yoo Byung-moo, the conductor of Little Angels, was listening the recordings ‘The sound of yodel’ by Rudy & Inge. Some of the yodels on the album appealed to him, and he added Korean lyrics named “숲의 요들Yodel in the Forest[Dorf Jodler]”(1971) and “천사의 요들the Angel’s yodel[Der Berberner Bua]” (1971).

These songs were part of the world folk repertoire of the Little Angels Choir and have been singing until now. We can often heard that song’s singing by 신영옥Shin Young-ok, a famous vocalist, on TV. Even from 황정음Hwang Jeong-yum, the famous Korean actress, can also was singing of the same song. Both were active in the choir as a child.

Thanks to the various reasons mentioned above and the neat and clean lyrics, ‘Yodel in the forest’ becoming a very popular kids yodel in Korea.

숲의 요들Yodel in Forest[Dorf Jodler]
Music by Rudi Meixner Korean by Yoo Byung-moo

졸졸졸졸 흐르는
The streams being rippling

Yoro rei di o rei di o rei do re ree

산골짜기 찾아서
Finding the mountain valley

Yoro rei di o rei di o rei do re ree
즐거웁게 거닐면
If you walk around happily

Yoro rei di o rei di o rei do re ree

내 마음 항상 즐거워
My heart being always happy

Yoro rei du ree re

흥겨운 노래 부르네
Being sing the happy song

Yoro rei du ree re

▶ the birth of the Kids Yodel Choir

The first kids yodel choir recognized among the Korean yodelers was the 키디 요들 합창단Kiddy Yodel Choir founded by 신성봉Sin Sung-bong, professional yodeler by Basel yodel club, founded on October 3, 1996. This choir showed the yodels performed by the children through regular concerts and performances, and also pioneered the cute and beautiful appearance of the children’s yodels by participating in various service performances. On May 31, 1999, this yodel choir was reborn as the 푸른메아리 합창단Blue Echo Choir[Pulun Meary Choir], they are still singing as one of the best-known Korean kids yodel choirs.

The Kiddy Yodel Choir(1996)
1st Album of the Blue Echo Yodel Choir (2000)

이은경Lee Eun-kyung, who entered Yodel in Edelweiss yodel club in the 80’s and performed broadcasting activities with Kim Hong-chul, returned from studying music from the US(1992) and worked as a kids song lecturer at the cultural center of the department stores since 1994. Sometimes she was singing the yodels in her class the response was really good! So, she organized a trial based ‘Kids yodel choir” at Christian group in Cheonho-dong, Seoul on 1995. That was a hit again!

Since then, her kids yodel choir has been organized at the Hyundai Trade Center and the Hyundai Cheonho Cultural Center, starting with the first Yodel in the Kyungbang-Phil department store in 1995.

In addition, From monday to sunday, she have been coaching, the kids yodel choir in various department stores in Korea.

Known as ‘알프스 친구들Alps friends’, the official names is ‘한국 어린이 요들 합창단Korean Kids Yodel Choir’ have been developed as the biggest kids Yodel Choir in Korea. In addition, a lecture course for the general public who wants to learn not only children but also adults were under the name of ‘이은경 요들 아카데미Lee Eun-kyung Yodel Academy’.

Rail art performance by the Alps friends

▶ Activities of Kids yodel choir in Incheon

방윤식Bang Yoon-sik, a talented person who both working as a professional yodeler as a member of “Kim Hong-chul and his friends”, and the yodel lecturer at Incheon Enzian Yodel Club, formed 인천 알핀로제 어린이 요들단Incheon Alpinrose kids yodel choir in October 1998.

Incheon Alpinrose Kids yodel choir(2001)

Since then, the choir has grown to become one of the best children’s troupes in Korea, where all the members perform their traditional instruments such as guitars, orgeli and accordions. In particular, 김예지Kim Yee-ji, who was active in 2000, had been took prize at the MBC creative song festival for her song “아름다운 산Beautiful Mountain,”. It have been still the popular in Korean yodeling kids.

아름다운 산Beautiful Mountains
Music by Bang Yun-sik

이른 아침 찬란한 햇살속에
작은 새들 지저귀고
One early morning in glorious sunshine,
a little birds warbling

푸른 숲속 맑은 향기 속에
내 맘은 즐거워져
In the scent of a green forest,
my heart is filled with joy

아름다운 산을 사랑하면
산들은 기쁨 주네
When we love the mountains
the mountains send their joys to us

즐겁게 노래를 불러 보면
메아리 되어 들려오네
Singing a song with pleasure,
that echos return to us immediately

Incheon Alpinerose Kids Choir performed Switzerland(2009)

In 2003, the 인천 미추홀 어린이 요들단Incheon Michuhol Kid yodel choir was newly formed by 김진구Kim Jin-gu.

Regular concerts of the Michuhol kids choir(2009)

In the same period, the 강화 에코 요들클럽Ganghwa Eco Yodel Club, a family with children and parents was formed, and then the Incheon area was developing along with Seoul as the strongest root of the kids Yodel base in Korea.

Ganghwa Echo Yodel club

▶Various kids yodel choirs who were active in various areas.

Most Korean adult yodel clubs grew on the basis of metropolitan or regional base cities, but the kids yodel clubs developed in a slightly different way. Like the Ganghwa Eco Yodel Club introduced earlier, the kids yodel choir developed in a somewhat unexpected area.

The 안동 알핀로제 어린이 요들단Andong Alpinrose kids yodel choir was formed in Andong, Gyeongsang province on 2001. 황은아Hwang Eun-a, a yodel-mania who majored in vocal music was made this first kids yodel choir in Gyeongsang province. Since then, Bang Yoon-sik, the lecturer the kids yodel choir in Incheon, guided them, and last they became the most famous kids yodel choir in Gyeongsang area.

Andong Alpinrose kids yodel choir performing in the 전국 노래자랑 안동예선National song pride of the Andong area preliminaries

In 2006, 신종서Shin Jong-seo, the pastor of the church in 동두천Dongducheon, founded the 베르네 어린이 요들단Berner kids yodel choir.

Established to cultivate the emotions of children in Dongducheon, Gyeonggi province, which were a relatively culturally marginal area, and to promote advanced culture, the Berner Kids yodel choir have been already renowned as a kids yodel choir representing the northern part of Gyeonggi Province.

Inauguration ceremony of the Berner Kids yodel choir(2006)

There is also a kids yodel choir in Jeju Island, the southernmost part of Korea. They called “작은 알프스Little Alps,” was founded in 서귀포Seogwipo, Jeju in 2003 by 이복희Lee Bok – hee, a nursery school teacher who is trying to supply the yodels of Jeju Island.

They are the little angels singing the yodles from the southernmost part of Korea.

Performances of the Little Alps at Angel House Dream Tree Festival (2009)

In addition, there are many kids yodel choir, including Gwangju Enzian kids yodel choir, made up of the childrens of the Gwangju Enzian Yodel Club adults.

There are a lot of kids yodelers have been singing the beautiful yodel that fit well with kids clear voices.

Gwangju Enzian Kids yodel choir presented at the KYC(2008)
In 2005, heidiland hosted the kids yodel song festival, which was the first showcase of all the kids in the Seoul Metropolitan area
In August 2006, the 1st Korean Kids Yodel Camp held in Dongducheon boys & girls kids yodel choir, was unfortunately ended with a one-off event.

▶ The kids Yodel Choir will be the the Future of the Korean Yodel

The Kids yodel choir was born nationwide during the period of general decline of Yodel since the 90s. It symbolizes the diversity of yodels and explains the reasons for the existence of yodels in Korea

I feel a little sad that their prime is generally peaking in elementary school and gradually disappears. In reality, many kids yodelers in Korea are devoted to studying in the future, or to other music such as classical music, traditional music, or practical music.

Their parents and seniors of the past did not have a proper music sheet, relatively the kids yodelers were brought up more rich situations, but since they were raised in such a rich situation, the goal to achieve is paradoxically ambiguous.

For this reason, it is very uncomfortable and anachronistic to give them the historical mission of developing yodel. Their role will be to freely experiment and develop the yodelities to create newness.

As of 2011, the early kids yodelers are already twenties. Korean society in 2011, when they became adults in their 20s, unfortunately is converging into a very depressing era of driving them into so-called self-help, 700$ households. And, in the mainstream music that is developing in a very wide variety, Yodel ‘s position is getting less and less. For these and other reasons, the appearance of a new yodeling singer have been gradually becoming far away.

On the other hand, the increasingly competitive and diverse media are paradoxically thirsting for new content, and there is no guarantee that the possibilities of the Yodel in the era of poverty in this abundance will not come spatter in places that they have not thought of before. That is why I believe that one day, new yodel hit songs will appear in our popular music, contributing to the diversity and richness of Korean popular music as well as Yodel. I bet it the Kids yodel choir !

History of Korean Yodel 14.heidiland, the little yodel island in the online World

하이디랜드heidiland was a small internet communities opened on October 11, 1999, but It was introduced to the mass media along with the publicity and their members became 394 people on June 16, 2001 and 448 people on August 20, 2001. The number of members increased sharply, and in the same 9 ~ 3 months of the same year, 55 people grew enough to make an active bulletin board activity. However, the owner of the cafe still occupies 26% of the time, and the owners / operators’ bulletin board activities account for 37% of the total, and they also had structural problems such as changing their identity three times.

– 서이종Seo Ee-jong, 인터넷 커뮤니티와 한국사회Internet Society and Korean Society

▶ the birth of heidiland

After the financial crisis in the late ’90s, Korean society was rapidly becoming an information-oriented society, and online community 하이디랜드heidiland was created just one of the tools to manage new members of the Korea Basel Yodel Club by 임중현Lim Choong-hyon, who was then the music lecturer of the Basel Yodel Club.

Before heidiland, there were the “요들을 사랑하는 사람들people who loving Yodel”, a PC communication group at Korea Basel Yodel Club. There was also a homepage of Korea Alpinrose Yodel Club, a university-based yodel club in Seoul.

heidiland was belong to the 다음사Daum corps, was the 1st generation online company in Korea, offered free web mail services and then offered online community services named ‘다음카페Daum-café’. ‘Daum-café’ was the first online bulletin boards in Korea so heidiland has grown to become an online collective yodeling group that drives the birth of the online yodeling community in Korea with only one reason: it was created in the early days of the Internet community in Korea.

“the people who loving Yodel”(Yo44) participated in the HiTel Club Festivals(1998)
the Yo44, the first PC communication-based yodel users group in Korea, was established as an online community for the members of the Basel Yodel Club on May 1997. The disappearance of the Yo44 was consistent with the rapid change in the online environment from PC communication to the Internet.

▶ Start with a community of Basel Yodel clubs

The Basel Yodel Club in Seoul was the most online-oriented yodeling club in Korea at that time, since they had already shared their own PC communication communities since 1997. “the people who loving Yodel”(Yo44), the PC based yodel community in Basel, were in fact only members for Basel, but all Basel members regarded Yo44 as a separate organization from the Basel Yodel Club. It was a diary of young Yodelers in Basel, and a place of more secret stuffs. In addition, it was an honest space for another Basel community, and on the other hand, it was their very closed space.

The background of the birth of heidiland in the early days was nothing more than a place that transferred the space of the Yo44 to the Internet. Yo44 was PC-based small groups of HiTel, it possible to use by paid HiTel ID. But the heidiland was made available with a free account called Hanmail, so heidiland was created as a new space for new members without HiTel ID.

However, the development of the Internet has transcended the original idea. Many of Basel members can not only add a variety of fonts and letters but also pictures as well as videos, Moreover, many Basel members have come to see that they can communicate with members not only in Korea but also in foreign countries through the internet.

And all this did not cost money! In a flash, many members started to come in. Not only the younger members but also the OB members started to find the memories of their young days and enter into the PC room and start to devote themselves to heidiland.

heidiland was able to break through the number of members of the Yo44 that had operated for three years so far in ten days!

The openness of the internet is different from the closure of the PC communication, and then the members of various yodel clubs in Korean as well as Basel freely were coming in heidland.

heidiland gave them the intense impression that a new gathering will be possible for Yodelers across the country that can not meet each other due to time and space limitations. And these things proceeded very concurrently, not sequentially. PC communication was thought of as a playground for relatively young people who are making good use of computers, but the Internet has really made people of all ages felt that they have to join it. Moreover, internet was accepted as a magic lamp to rebuild the meeting for the yodel clubs that were stagnating throughout in Korea.

Since the birth of heidiland, the following Yodel club’s online homepage has started to open rapidly : The daum café of Edelweiss (December 11, 1999 / 한창희Han Chang-hee), Incheon Enzian homepage (April 5, 2000 / 홍기환Hong Gi-hwan), The daum cafe of Daegu Alpin(26 April 2000/ 성찬영Seong Chan-young), Ulsan Alpinrose homepage (26 May 2000 / 최상대Choi Sang-dae), the daum cafe of Gwangju Enzian( 2 June 2000 / 장승일Jang Seung-il)

Online has become a popular trend, and every time these local online communities were created, heidiland had been very pleased to announce this news and linked their address through heidiland.

heidiland had developed into a site that mediates online homepages of all the yodel clubs in Korea just because it was created earlier.

▶ Pioneering a new way of heidiland

August 18, 2000 The online homepage of the Korea Basel Yodel Club opened by 황병준Hwang Byeong-joon, president of the Basel Yodel Club. the Basel has now got its real own online home, and on the contrary, Yo44 and heidiland has become a point to recall the meaning of existence. As a result, the Yo44 was extinguished, but heidiland was going to the new ways.

At that point of the Basel Yodel Club homepage was created, heidland has already become a heterogeneous homepage for Basel. However heidiland was also a vague, many unspecified homepages to the other Yodel Club’s positions.

As each club has making its own online homepage, heidiland was becoming increasingly hollow in danger of being destroyed before the year of his birth. Unexpectedly, the life of that “premature baby” was extended by a gynecologist.

손성기Son Sung-gi, was the senior members of the Korean Alpinrose yodel club and gynecologist fully sympathizes with the goals of heidiland as an online exchange place for all Yodelers in Korea. And then, he proposed a nationwide yodel meeting through heidiland.

Called ‘하이디랜드 정모heidiland Jeongmo’ started with a shy meetings of some members of Basel and Alpinrose yodel club. As the meetings grew, various Yodel clubs gradually became involved. At last Kim Hong-chul, the father of Korea Yodel, and the president of the KYF being took part in the event. ‘heidiland Jeongmo’ was an emerging place to meet all of my Korean yodel clubs.

Alps Chalet point Card(2000) , “heidiland Jeongmo” was held the Alps Chalet located at Gangnam Station Exit 8, Seoul. It was held on the first Monday of every month on 2000~2002

heidiland-jeongmo, which was concentrated in the Seoul metropolitan area, reached the peak of meetings Yodel clubs nationwide on August 17, 2002.

The same date they had a concurrent meetings by the Metropolitan Yodel Club meetings in Seoul and the Kyungsang province Yodel Club meetings in Busan.

heidiland jeongmo in Seoul on August 17, 2002

heidiland jeongmo in Busan on August 17, 2002

▶ heidiand was reborn as a joint website of Yodel Clubs in Korea

On Sept. 21, 2001, the Busan Alpinrose Yodel Club, which had no their own homepage yet, proposed sharing its homepage with heidiland, and heidiland re-created & shared as the homepage of the Busan Alpinrose. Since then, the Yodel Clubs was about to be reborn in Daejeon, and the Masan Alpinrose Yodel Clubs, which has not yet been homepaged yet, also opened their homepage through heidiland on January 20, 2002.

In 2003, three children’s yodel clubs, including Ganghwa Echo, Incheon Alpinrose and Incheon Michuhol, were opened their timelines through heidiland. Since then, yodel overs who such as Jeonju, Pohang, Gwangmyeong, Jeju, Gangwon, and Cheongju, were trying to create a new yodel club, opened their homepage through heidiland and found people interested about yodel in the same area.

So the dream of trying to bloom the yodels in the whole of Korea was made possible online, and the following wonderful Korean yodel map was born.

Designed by Sorok(Jeong Eun-sook, the heidiland members of the Busan)
Oriental gambling card with the logo of the Yodel Club made for fun on April Fool’s Day

▶ heidiland produces a joint album for the Yodel Clubs in Korea

From a certain point in time, heidiland began to take pride and calling for the representation of the Korean yodels. Such a ritual made us to vote through heidiland to select “Korean favorite yodels”. These surveys were not expected to be noticed by some newspapers and broadcasters in Korea, and ultimately it seemed to be something that Korean yodelers had to do on their own initiative.

Yodelers from all over the country participated in the vote, and a total of nine Korean songs were chosen. heidiland planed to make yodel album by using that seleted songs.

So eight famous amateur yodel clubs in Korea were participating, and the Instrument accompaniment of the “Kim Hong-chul and his friends” of Korea’s top professional yodelers, as well as traditional Korean musical instruments including Haegum and Gayageum. furthermore added greetings from Yodlers of Switzerland, USA and Japan.

As a result the monumental record named “Korea’s Best Yodel” from the singing of the amateur yodelers in Korea was produced.

Korea’s Best Yodel(2007)

▶ heidiland, dreamed a dream of an online space with all yodelers of the world

Since the 2000s, heidiland has had a new dream. It was to create a yodel homepage for all the yodelers of the world.

However, the existing Daum café based heidiland was limited to the members of the Korean community, and heidiland boldly folded the Daum café and started to make its own homepage. The new heidiland, which was conceived in May 2007, was an international homepage that was used not only in Korean but also in English and Japanese. It have been officially opened on October 11, 2007, at the end of the 8th birthday of heidiland.

heidiland, which was newly launched as a self-server in 2007, has been linking and being introduced to various foreign yodel homepage. Now it have been growing as a yodel homepage which is illuminated by the world, and there are many Korean members but also many foreign yodelers. Now most of the world’s yodelers know this place, and heidiland shows a global presence as a space for everyone to preserve and spread the little music called Yodel and enjoy it.

▶ Since 2008

Since 2008, online trends have changed dramatically from tablet to mobile. In addition, a new powerful social network based on mobile, such as Facebook and YouTube, has emerged.

heidiland, which had previously operated as its own homepage, could not keep up with this trend. As a result, its homepage heidland was closed.

At present, heidiland have been spreading yodel by the following communities.

◆ English Blog: WordPress(since May 25, 2017)

◆ Korean Blog: Naver Blog(since March 13, 2016)

◆ Video: YouTube(since May 23, 2008)

◆ Korean community : Naver Band(since August 19, 2012)

◆ English community: Facebook(since April 27, 2011)